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  • Connections (signals and power) are via RJ12 plug on the power control socket strip or on the cabinet management system
  • A maximum of 4 sensors can be connected, thus up to 16 variables (depending on sensors) can be transmitted(temperature sensor, temperature/humidity combi sensor, differential pressure, potential-free contacts, airflow sensor)
  • The sensors connected are detected automatically
  • The sensors are connected to the base unit via a RJ12 interface

Approvals/certifications RoHs Logo 30406053:



Other sensors e.g. smoke detector, vibrations, leakage, etc. on request

Accessory category:

Electrical Accessories

Accessory type:

Cabinet monitoring /management
カタログ番号 Description
DPX-AF1 1 airflow sensor
DPX-CC2-TR Dual potential-free contact sensor
DPX-T1DP1 1 differential pressure and 1 temparature sensor
DPX-T3H1 3 temparature and 1 humidity/temparature combi sensor
60110-313 1 temparature sensor
60110-314 1 temparature and 1 humidity/temparature combi sensor
60110-315 2 temparature and 2 humidity/temparature combi sensor