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ヒーター 400W、モジューラー

  • Simple and fast assembly with clip-on attachment
  • Fan not included in delivery extent; please order fan with desired air capacity separately
  • Modular system consisting of: heater element, fan, protective grille and connecting cable
  • Overheating protection through thermal switch

Approvals/certifications CE:

Approvals/certifications RU:

Approvals/certifications GOST-R:

Approvals/certifications RoHs Logo 30406053:


Accessory category:

Cooling, heating, temperature control

Accessory type:

カタログ番号 Description Weight Input voltage Heater Output W Voltage
60715-029 Heater fan 400 W, modular 0.4 230.0 400 230 VAC
60715-028 Heater fan 400 W, modular 0.4 115.0 400 115 VAC